Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Return of Chalkers...

13/03/2011 - Specs, Double, Red, Madonnari, and Charlie Chalk.

We hit the streets of Streatham on Sunday night to leave our mark, and give the Monday morning commuters an "interesting" journey to work. It was a clear night, perfect conditions for Chalking, and we set off up the High Road looking for inspiring shadows to Chalk.

We started off outlining a couple of parked vans before moving onto a phone box. Then we came across a boarded up building site with some interesting shadows across the boards so Double began outlining a road sign while Madonnari photographed her progress. As he stood there, I outlined his shadow which became "Standing Small". We carried on up the High Road towards the bus garage, Chalking a couple of bus stops, a roadworks sign, and a few roadsigns along the way. 


From here, we proceeded to the "Ferrers Triangle" behind the bus garage, Chalking up cars, a tree and a Vespa on Ellora Rd and Hambro Rd, as well as various bollards outside the Earl Ferrers pub which is a popular hangout for some of our Chalkers :) 

We have since learned of some feedback from some of our conquests and here is one of them:

"Was a lovely treat to see a chalk-shadow of my Vespa this morning – great start to the week, thanks whoever did it :o)"

From there we hit the bus stop outside the Ice Rink, and decided to Chalk it, however in the progress of doing so came across a pile of vomit in the way of the ShadowLines. Thus we wrote on the piece, "Not finished due to vomit". We have had some comments about this one too:

"Its also around the bus stop on the high road but is incomplete - 'due to vomit' !  Maybe the users of Streatham High Road will be more considerate if not to their fellow citizens then to the chalk artists !"

"I saw that at the bus-stop too – very funny!"

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Up to the police station we Chalked a bollard and a road sign which became "this way to the beach". Being a somewhat daring bunch, we wanted to do some Chalking outside the police station, but there were no suitable shadows :( .... round the corner though... we may have just found something... hee hee!! ;)

Before we set off we were intent on finding a bike to Chalk, but thus far hadn't found one with a suitable shadow, so when we came across a bike with the perfect shadow locked up close to Kingscourt Rd, we were very excited. As we Chalked, a few people passed by and gave very positive comments about what we were doing and asked to take a picture.

One more outline called "Where am I?" (Double's shadow) and we were done for the night. And a good nights work it was, as the following morning we were featured on both the "Streatham Pulse" and the "Streatham Action" websites with pictures :) We got a lot of positive feedback from passers by as we Chalked, which has inspired us to carry on :)

So what now I hear you ask?... Perhaps something for Comic Relief on Friday??... Perhaps a new adventure in a new location?... WATCH. THIS. SPACE...

....(and the weather of course as our escapades depend largely on this!) :)

Red :) x


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  1. All hail the return of the chalkers. Its been a long long time guys!